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   Ultrasonic cavitation is a weight loss and body shaping treatment in which ultrasonic wave triggers molecular motion through kinetic energy resulting fat cell breakage to accelerate cavitation process.

The treatment involves the usage of ultrasonic waves, having a frequency that is beyond the range human ears can hear. A metal spatula like tool is used to create high-frequency mechanical oscillations, using noninvasive sound waves frequencies.

    Treatment lasts for 20, with six to ten treatments conducted for useful results. Once they end, maintenance treatments are performed once till four months and then once after every four months.

     The vibrations are produced through a water medium that removes dead skin cells, thus cleansing and exfoliating the skin. As ultrasound penetrates deep down the body, it stimulates tissue, enhances blood flow and endorses oxygenation.

     Not only had that, but the deep penetration of ultrasound triggers fat removal to burn down fats that are harder to burn down just by dieting and exercising.

You can easily get this treatment done on your abdomen, legs, love handles, thighs and underarms to remove fat and reshape these areas without the need of any surgery, which can have possible side effects in the long run.  

Moreover, ultrasonic cavitation rejuvenates and tightens the skin, giving a smooth, clear texture to it.


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(+34) 951 530 192

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