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Our massages are valued in function at the time they are made


30 min - 25.00 €

45 min - 35.00 €

  1 hour - 45.00 €


The Antistress massage targets the parts of body which are mostly affected by stress - back and neck, shoulders and head. The treatment causes relaxation and loosening. Indication: Adequate for guests who are under pressure and stress and therefore need to relax, causes well-being and harmony.


The massage stimulates your tissues to produce biologically active substances which trigger skin recovery processes, remove dead skin cells, and activate sebaceous and sweat glands leading to improved elasticity, firmness and metabolic rate of the skin and subcutaneous layer. It helps improve muscle tone, boost stamina and capacity to work, increase ligament elasticity and joint flexibility, stimulate lymph flow, and promote the feeling of wellbeing leaving you senses uplifted.


Muscle problems, stiffness, contractures. This is the ideal massage to solve a specific problem either in the musculature of the back or any other body area. Maneuvers that will promote the recovery of muscle contractility and eliminate spasms of muscle fibers.


The movements that are made in this massage, help to dissolve adipose tissue in areas where there is accumulated fat.


For fans of sports and those who practice sports in an unusual way we have designed this excellent massage that helps to eliminate waste from muscle activity and promotes muscle recovery. Maneuvers of muscular kneading and vibration that allow the muscle to recover its tone for daily life.

Reflexology (feet)

Foot reflexology is a therapeutic technique based on the stimulation of points on the feet, called reflex zones. It involves the application of a manual massage that applies pressure in reflex areas of the feet to produce specific effects in other parts of the body.


Swedish massage is a type of massage whose main purpose is to eliminate tensions and reaffirm muscles and joints. Its invigorating and relaxing effect promotes blood and lymphatic circulation and the elimination of a large number of toxins, as well as helping the body regain its natural balance.

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique that is performed with the hands through very smooth, slow and repetitive movements that favor the circulation of the lymph, thus improving edematous pictures, inflammations and retentions of organic liquids.

Circulatory (legs)

The circulatory massage is focused on activating blood and lymphatic circulation and favoring cell exchange. It is ideal for those days when your legs feel heavy, swollen, painful and especially if you suffer varicose veins.


Anti-cellulite massage breaks down fat, mobilizes accumulated liquids and facilitates the penetration of anti-cellulite creams. To optimize the results of anti-cellulite massages it is recommended to combine them always with the abundant intake of water, to purify toxins, and with a balanced diet


The chiromassage, which integrates techniques of several types of manual massages with a series of novel manipulations, serves to relax, stimulate or descontracturar the soft tissues. Discover its benefits

With suction cups

Massage with suction cups consists of applying suckers on the body, to which the air is extracted, and which are manipulated in order to eliminate toxins from the blood and lymph, or treat various conditions.

Wood therapy

The woodtherapy is to apply a massage using different wooden utensils specially designed to balance the energy of the patient, reaffirm and tone your body, and combat cellulite. Wood is a material that is considered beneficial for health.

With bamboo sticks

Massage with bamboo sticks is a technique created for therapeutic purposes, which helps to vitalize, mold and drain the organism.

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30 min - 35.00 €

45 min - 45.00 €

  1 hour - 55.00 €

With hot stones

This therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with the application on the skin of stones at different temperatures, to facilitate the flow of vital energy and thus alleviate physical and emotional disorders.

With honey

The objective of massage with honey is to activate the nervous system, immune system and detoxify the body.

With pinda

The massage with pindas, sacks containing aromatic and medicinal herbs, is ideal to offer our body care that will help you enjoy.

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Massage Kalonice personality

1h 30 min

It is a personalized massage. The techniques applied are variable and depend on the needs and wishes of the patient.


Head massage Hindu

40 min

This traditional Indian technique relieves tension and can make your hair look exuberant. Its effect is not only physical, it also works emotionally relieving stress. The sequence incorporates massage on the shoulders, neck, scalp and face leaving a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility.



25 min

The facial massage includes a set of techniques based on manual manipulations on the skin in order that the dermal and muscular skin tissues preserve their elasticity and firmness for as long as possible, and thus give the face a youthful and beautiful appearance.


Lymphatic drainage

40 min

The facial lymphatic drainage is a massage that is applied in the area of ​​the face to activate the lymphatic system and eliminate, thus, toxins, improving blood circulation in the area. It is a non-invasive treatment that improves the condition of our face, reducing fluid retention.



40 min

Myofascial release. The whole body is covered with a tissue known as fascia. Myofascial release is a therapy that helps keep it in an optimal state.


Relaxing express IN CHAIR

20 min

Chair massage is a type of massage that is performed with the client dressed and sitting in an ergonomic massage chair.


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